Fundamentals of Marketing

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If you’re new to marketing and need a basic, yet thorough, overview, this course is for you. In just 16 lessons, you will learn the fundamentals behind successful marketing, get a complete grounding in the essentials & begin to develop the skills & techniques necessary to become a marketer who can help your company develop a marketing orientation to enhance profitability.

You don't need to be a marketer to benefit from this course. Being marketing-driven means looking at everything a company does from a customer point of view. Many believe that organizations should be marketing-centric; in other words, start with marketing before anything else to understand if there is an actual need for the product or service and if so how much.

Instructor Name: Ahmed Ezzat

What you will learn

  • PFundamentals of Marketing.
  • The Marketing Mix.
  • The Marketing Plan.
  • Understanding your Audience.
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Lesson 1


Lesson 2

بداية شركة أمازون

Lesson 3

البحث عن فرصه

Lesson 4

الشريحة المستهدفة

Lesson 5

أنشاء خطة لطرح منتج بالسوق

Lesson 6

المزيج التسويقى – المنتج

Lesson 7

المزيج التسويقي – التسعير

Lesson 8

المزيج التسويقي – توزيع المنتج

Lesson 9

المزيج التسويقي – الترويج

Lesson 10

فهم سلوك العميل

Lesson 11

العمل في اطار اخلاقيات العمل

Lesson 12

أهمية التسويق

Lesson 13

نموذج تسويقي ناجح

Lesson 14

كيت كات في اليابان

Lesson 15

جاردن برجر

Lesson 16

ادارة النمو

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