5 Killer Tips for an Outstanding Learning & Development Plan in 2023

Recently almost all successful companies focus on their learning and development strategy as it can make or break their business in the market. Investing in a well-built strategy not only help in your employees’ productivity, it also helps them feel happier and more valued by the organization, as they are able to learn more about their job and excel in it.

Unfortunately building a killer strategy for your organization is becoming harder and harder. Here are 5 tips to consider when building your upcoming learning and development strategy.

1- Offer an Engaging L&D Programs for Your Employees

Offering learning and development programs that fills knowledge and skill gaps and help your business grow is a must. But considering the areas in which you employees want to upskill in will help you flourish as your employees will find their own way to leverage what they learn in their current roles and they will simply surprise you.

So, to get the most out of your employees build a combination of L&D Programs in which your organization identifies as valuable and others that your employees are interested in, and to spend time in learning it.

2- Leverage Your Existing Talent

Every organization lacks in certain technical areas, as a professional your first thought is outsourcing. But before considering the outsourcing options spend time talking to your employees as you might find the skill you are looking for. On top of that your employees might be interested to share with their knowledge.

So, to get the best outcome, be efficient look inside your organization first and see who has the ability to train or mentor other employees in the areas you want to skill up. Even if you do decide to outsource training, you can make use of your employees’ skills and let them mentor others during the training sessions. Check out the trainings we offer here

Your Employees’ Opinion Matter

3- Build A Learning Community

Upskilling is not an easy either for you or your employees. Therefore, the best way to help your employees absorb and practice what they learn is to encourage a community of learning. Having your own Learning Management System (LMS) will you and your employees and increase your company’s ROI. From taking courses together to working on projects that incorporate their new skills, building a group of workers with the same goal will help cement the lessons more than just reading or listening to a teacher will.  On top of that you will be able to easily measure their performance.

So, to get the best outcome, build your own Learning Management System and let your employees practice and upskill in groups and create a space for employees to utilize the new skills as team; either through a competition or hackathon. Check out Innovito’s Learning Management System-Evolve- and learn more about your ability to manage, measure, and leverage your employees’ talents.

4- Your Employees’ Opinion Matter

Offering learning and development programs for your employees means that you care, but it’s important to make sure that they are actually benefiting. In a recent report conducted by Udacity and IPSOS, 80% of organizations thought their L&D programs were successful, but only 55% of employees agreed, which clearly shows the organizations’ lack of feedback.

In order to have a successful L&D strategy, it’s important to include the thoughts of employees who are participating in your programs. Their thoughts will clearly give a hint whether your plan is meeting their needs or not; because simply enhancing and iterating your programs will cast in your organization’s success.

Learning management systems (LMSs) are software which help learning and development and HR leaders train new employees and upskill existing ones. The LMS will allow leaders to provide access to courses and training content, on top of that add unlimited course content from different providers, and help them monitor their employees’ performance and career growth.

5- Build a Flexible Learning and Development Plan

 A key factor to a successful learning and development plan is flexibility. This strategy will encourage your employees to participate and upskill their talents. This means offering online courses, at variable times, and can done at each individual’s own pace.

Creating a simple learning milestone will help your employees fit it into their schedule and boost their productivity. To get the best outcome, consider building your employees building paths through different online learning platforms such as LinkedIn learning, to conduct your learning and development plan.

6- Consider a Digital Learning Transformation Partner

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and build a killer learning and development strategy? Checkout our different products or consider requesting a call and let our team help you build your L&D strategy, and identify talent gaps in digital technologies, upskill your workforce, and create job-ready talent.