The Biggest Business Benefits Of Custom eLearning

The Biggest Business Benefits Of Custom eLearning

Custom eLearning does what off-the-shelf training products cannot: presents tailor-made content that speaks directly to your audience. Investing in custom eLearning solutions comes with a host of benefits for your business and learners and will help you reach your desired training goals while bringing measurable business impact. Here are our 4 big business benefits of custom eLearning.

1. Increased Business Performance

Presenting the information that is important to your organization as a unique entity is vital for increasing business performance. Custom eLearning development allows you to align learning messages to the culture and “flavor” of your workplace, making it more relevant and relatable. By developing a tailored solution, you can pinpoint business and learning challenges and combine training industry best-practice approaches.

2. Improved Learner Motivation

Today’s modern learner wants content that is built to be short, visual, mobile, enabled, and social. Employees are also often overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient, so flexibility in where and how they learn is increasingly important. Developing custom eLearning allows you to consider what these criteria mean for your organization and interpret it in the best interests of your training audience. Successfully designed, learner-centered custom eLearning involves incorporating three essential design considerations: eLearning that is relevant and engaging, meaningful and motivational, and modular and measured.

3. Reduced Employee Turnover

Through custom eLearning content, you can connect directly with your employees. Take your corporate induction, for example, which is one of your most important tools for reducing employee turnover since most employees decide in the first week of a new role how long they will stay. By delivering an engaging, motivating, and supportive induction experience, you can significantly reduce your employee turnover and the costs associated with recruitment.

4. Increased Return On Investment

Although custom eLearning may initially be more costly to produce, it can offer a significantly greater Return On Investment. An experienced eLearning partner can help you identify the most suitable approach to meet your business goals, timeline, and budget. Ensuring the most effective training will yield the best returns. Custom eLearning should also be designed with maintenance and expansion in mind so you can easily and inexpensively refresh, add, or remove content without having to start from the ground up. A sound maintenance strategy alone can make custom eLearning worth its weight.


The best solution for your organization might be a mixed suite of off-the-shelf and custom eLearning solutions. When it comes to training your employees in company-specific new initiatives, processes, procedures, and systems, consider custom eLearning to present your message effectively.

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