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Welcome to Innovito, your trusted eLearning provider in advancing education and professional development in Iraq. Our cutting-edge eLearning solutions are designed to transform the way organizations learn, adapt, and succeed.

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šŸ“£ Evolve LMS by Innovito is a finalist in Edtech Awards 2023
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Our solutions are trusted by some of the leading corporations, NGOs, and governmental organizations

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Since our inception in 2014, our mission has been to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential through the latest edtech and learning solutions. At Innovito, we strive to provide our customers with a transformative learning experience that combines cutting-edge technology with interactive and engaging content. Our full range of products and solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of enterprises, employees, customers, partners, and learners alike.

We are proud to have served over 300,000 learners to date, and we are excited to continue expanding our reach in the years to come. With our sights set on reaching over 1 million learners by 2024, we remain committed to providing scalable solutions that evolve with our customers’ business needs.


Why Choose Innovito for eLearning in Iraq?

Take the first step in revolutionizing your organization’s learning and development. Contact us now to learn more about our customizable Digital Learning solutions.

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Customized Learning Experiences:

  • Tailor your learning initiatives to the unique needs of your organization in Iraq. Innovito offers a fully customizable eLearning platform, ensuring that your training programs align with your specific goals.
  • Break language barriers with our multilingual eLearning solutions. Innovito fully supports Arabic, empowering learners in Iraq to engage with content in their preferred language for a more impactful learning journey.
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The Learning & Development Masterclass by Innovito

Costs:Ā Free of charge
Format: Video Based
Expert:Alber Ibrahim. MBA . CPTD
Regional Human Resources and Learning & Development Manager (MENA)
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Ready to Transform Learning in Iraq?

We understand that every company’s needs are unique. That’s why our Digital Learning Suite is fully customizable to meet your specific training and development requirFor inquiries or more information about Innovito’s eLearning solutions in Iraq, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team.
For inquiries or more information about Innovito’s eLearning solutions in Iraq, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team.


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