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Mental Health

There is no doubt that taking care of our mental health should be a priority in our life. Positive mental health leads to many benefits such as higher productivity at work, improves our relationships with others, reduces anxiety and stress, increases self-esteem, and it gives a greater sense of peace and calm. Mental Health is the ability of a person to cope with normal life stresses. 

Course Description:

The series addresses the concept of Mental Health and the benefits of maintaining a positive mental well being. Users will be able to recognize the importance of keeping their mental health always in check. The course explains the different types of mental health problems such as: anxiety, stress, and depression and their coping strategies. Through interactive case scenarios and exercises, the users will be able to develop their mental health and well being strategies and toolkit.



  • Developing a positive mental health and wellbeing
  • Understanding the three dimensions of mental health: The Body, Mind, Spirit
  • Coping with mental health problems
  • Building a culture of mental health in the workplace
  • Developing their personal mental health toolkit

First Time Managers

As a First-Time Manager, making the transition from an individual employee to a managerial role can be quite challenging. The role of the first time manager is crucial to the team and to the organization’s success. First-time Managers might feel unprepared to start leading a team and to create an impact on the organizational level. 


Course Description:

This course will facilitate the transition for the first-time managers into their new leadership role in a smooth way. It will equip them with the essential leadership skills that will prepare them and give them the confidence, the skills, and the knowledge needed to become more effective leaders. The I-Lead course covers 3 Modules: Discover. Build. Lead & Develop

Discover: First, users will start by understanding and discovering who they are and their personality styles 

Build: Second, they will learn how to build a strong performing team.

Lead & Develop: Third, they will learn how to lead and develop their team effectively through ongoing coaching and motivation.



  • Discovering your personality style as a leader
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Managing time more effectively
  • Developing high level of Emotional Intelligence 
  • Building effective communication and conflict resolution skills 
  • Building a high performing team
  • Coaching your team members regularly 
  • Conducting effective performance appraisals with your team members
  • Leading and developing your team members 

Trapologist at Work by David Covey


  • Information overload

  • Staying focused

  • Adapting to changes

  • Taking initiative and being resourceful
  • Positively receiving feedback

  • Silos/working independently

  • Engagement, inspiration, and passion at work

  • Knowing how they contribute to the organization


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The Work Happiness Method™ is designed to re-ignite and retain employees, from the inside-out by teaching them key inner skills.


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Emotional Intelligence

Mastering your emotions is an important skill in today’s workplace. The ability to understand your emotions and to control them whenever you feel angry or upset makes you a better leader, enhances your communication skills, and helps you in managing and developing better relationships with others at work. Recognizing the moods, behaviors, and impulses of yourself and of others at work and being able to manage them is what we call The “Emotional Intelligence” Skills.

Course Description:

This course will explain what is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the value of acquiring it. It will go through the 5 main dimensions of EQ for users to be able to recognize and manage emotions. This interactive course will help users in developing high emotional intelligence skills through practical case scenarios and exercises that will lead to greater professional success. 



  • Developing Self-Awareness
  • Managing Emotions and Behaviors
  • Developing Self-Motivation
  • Building Empathy
  • Learning how to build strong relationships and social skills with others 

Library B

Soft Skills Bundle

This soft skills training course will serve as an introduction to the main skills needed in the workplace to provides you with essential interpersonal and organizational skills. What skills will students learn after taking this course? -Time Management -Communication Skills -Problem Solving -Stress Management -Teamwork -Change Management

Fundamentals of Customer Service

Presentation Skills

Job qualification skills

Organizational learning and development