Customer Profile

National Bank of Egypt (NBE) (Arabic: البنك الأهلي المصري‎) is the oldest and largest bank in Egypt. It has 500+ branches within the country.

Total financial position recorded EGP 1,365 bn. as at June 2017, growing 94% yoy. Accordingly, NBE’s total assets accounted for 31% of the total banking sector assets.

The challenge

To ensure that NBE continues to remain compliant in banking as well as providing great customer service, they required training and development that was up to date.

The challenge was having over 500 branches and 20000+ employees distributed over Egypt, elearning was a must to be applied on certain sectors in Learning and development to support the classroom training.

The focus was keeping employees engaged and motivated with up-to-date content, whilst making sure the learning material was relevant to their day-to-day jobs.

The Solution

Developing over 7 bespoke elearning programs on Compliance, Banking and ORM Topics developed in the following formats:

  • Animated video lesson
  • On-Camera/live footage video Lesson
  • Interactive Lesson
  • Quizzes

The course was made up of high-end graphics and illustrations; characters were hand-drawn and and animated, shooting was done inside the bank branches.

Our instructional designers worked with business experts in the bank to understand the impact of the changes, and to develop the best content suitable for NBE Employees.

Innovito input into this overall solution, with its innovative  instructional designer and SME collaboration, represents a significant improvement in how subject matter expertise can be unlocked and channelled into practical and cost effective learning.

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