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Welcome to Innovito: Your Partner in Digital Learning Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

Innovito is at the forefront of revolutionizing training and development in the Oil & Gas Industry. With a deep understanding of the sector’s unique challenges and requirements, we offer a suite of innovative digital learning solutions designed to elevate safety, ensure compliance, and drive operational excellence.

Our Solutions & Products

Oil & Gas Industry

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Innovito is committed to empowering Oil & Gas organizations with cutting-edge digital learning solutions that drive performance and foster continuous improvement. With our innovative products and strategic partnerships, we enable companies to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry landscape and achieve their training objectives efficiently and effectively.

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Innovito Evolve - AI-Powered Learning Management/Experience Platform (LMS-LXP)

Innovito Evolve serves as the central hub for training management, offering robust features tailored to the needs of the Oil & Gas sector. From competency-based learning to compliance tracking, Evolve empowers organizations to ensure workforce readiness and regulatory adherence. With mobile accessibility and intuitive user interfaces, Evolve simplifies training administration and enhances employee engagement.

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Innovito Convert - Content Digitization Solution

Innovito Convert streamlines the conversion of complex technical manuals, safety protocols, and operational procedures into interactive eLearning modules. Our solution facilitates the dissemination of critical information to remote workers and distributed teams, enhancing safety awareness and operational efficiency across all levels of the organization.

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Ready-Made Course Libraries

Innovito offers a vast library of pre-built courses tailored to the specific needs for the Oil & Gas Industry. Covering topics ranging from HSE training to technical skill development, our ready-made courses cover a wide range of topics, allowing organizations to deploy training quickly and efficiently. From our Arabic ready-made library: Innovito Ready to leading global partner libraries such as LinkedIn Learning, Masterclass at Work, and HSI Safety course library, providing access to a wealth of additional resources and content.

Get access to over 15,000 Courses in 7 languages from awards winning global content providers.

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Why Innovito for Oil & Gas Sector

Customization and Flexibility:
We recognize that every Oil & Gas company has unique training requirements based on their operations, workforce, and compliance standards. Innovito offers highly customizable solutions that can be adapted to meet the precise needs of each organization. Whether it’s creating bespoke eLearning modules or configuring the LMS to align with internal processes, we provide flexibility to ensure optimal outcomes.

Focus on Safety and Compliance:
Safety is paramount in the Oil & Gas industry, and compliance with regulatory standards is non-negotiable. Innovito prioritizes safety and compliance in all our solutions, embedding best practices and regulatory requirements into the training content and platform functionalities. By promoting a culture of safety and ensuring adherence to industry regulations, we help organizations mitigate risks and enhance operational resilience.

Scalability and Accessibility:
Oil & Gas companies often operate across diverse geographic locations, with employees dispersed across remote sites and offshore installations. Innovito’s solutions are built for scalability and accessibility, enabling seamless training delivery to geographically dispersed workforces. Whether it’s deploying training modules to remote workers or providing mobile access to learning resources in challenging environments, we ensure that training remains accessible and effective for all employees.

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