Why Traditional eLearning Doesnt work

There is a lot of confusion on what is the best elearning method to deliver now by employers, and with the decline of the completion rates and motivation for the traditional elearning courses, let’s find out where it went wrong and what we can do differently to deliver the best eLearning that creates lasting change.

Long and boring and Unresponsive and infelxiable with low completetion rates

Traditional elearning is often consisting of endless slides with reams of text, long videos, very minor engagement with the user, and Bored learners are unengaged learners and that’s the last thing you want.

The solution we use at Innovito:

Bite sized learning: We use a short 2-4 Minutes Lessons considering the attention span of learners.

Variety of lesson types: We create 5 Types of lessons in every course we develop, from Animated story based lessons, Animated infographic lessons to On-Camera, interactive lessons and finally assessments and interactive assessments.

State-of-the-art Multimedia: The user experience must be appealing and intuitive, only then will it be possible to elicit a constant level of attention throughout the course. To make this possible, we use state-of-the-art interaction techniques and multimedia materials and always keep in mind the technology resources available to the users

True interactivity of E-learning courses: We must understand that interactivity is much more than a set of clicks (drags, advances, backsliders, choice of options, etc.). A truly interactive e-learning course should enable the user to interact with the content in the most realistic way possible.The designer should put himself in the other’s place in an anticipatory process that will consist of evaluating the subject’s motivations, their attention times and the frame with which the information will be provided.

Thinking about Mobile Learning: For eLearning to work it needs to be available on demand wherever and whenever learners want to access it.

Personalised Learning: Rather than giving your employees a generic, one-size-fits-all eLearning course, why not create something suited to them?  Get to know your audience so that you can tailor training to their individual goals and the wider company vision. Win your learners’ hearts and minds by making the learning meaningful and personalised that boosts your company brand through out the program.

Gamified Learning: Gamification is the the application of gaming elements to traditionally non-gaming environments. It matters because training needs to be fun to boost engagement levels and help learners remember the content long after it’s over.

Thinking about Mobile Learning: 

If the training is not accessible over phones, so most probably it will be missed, most of desktops are replaced with mobile phones and tablets. you should invest in a designated mobile learning platform has a friendly user interface, For eLearning to work it needs to be available on demand wherever and whenever learners want to access it,

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