Transforming Compliance Training with HIKMA Pharma

Transforming Compliance Training with HIKMA Pharma

Customer: HIKMA Pharmaceuticals

Overview: HIKMA Pharmaceuticals is a global pharmaceutical company committed to providing high-quality medicines to patients worldwide. With operations spanning multiple countries and languages, HIKMA recognizes the importance of compliance with data protection regulations, particularly the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Project Info
  • Initiative: GDPR Compliance Training
  • Scope: Digitization, Design, and Development of Compliance Program
  • Languages: 7 languages
  • Audience: HIKMA Employees Worldwide

Innovito collaborated with HIKMA Pharma to transform their GDPR compliance program into an interactive and engaging e-learning course. Leveraging Innovito Convert, the program was customized to meet the unique needs of HIKMA’s diverse workforce, with content available in 7 languages to ensure accessibility for employees worldwide. The course was designed to educate employees on GDPR requirements and best practices for data protection, fostering a culture of compliance and accountability within the organization.

  • Global Reach: By offering the course in 7 languages, HIKMA ensured that all employees, regardless of location or language proficiency, could access essential GDPR training.
  • Engaging Learning Experience: The interactive and engaging format of the e-learning course captivated employees’ attention and facilitated comprehension of complex GDPR concepts.
  • Compliance Confidence: Through comprehensive GDPR training, employees gained a deeper understanding of their responsibilities regarding data protection, enhancing HIKMA’s overall compliance posture and mitigating the risk of regulatory breaches.

Innovito is proud to partner with HIKMA Pharmaceuticals in their commitment to GDPR compliance and data protection. By leveraging innovative digital learning solutions, HIKMA empowers employees worldwide to uphold the highest standards of data privacy and security. Together, we remain dedicated to promoting compliance excellence and safeguarding sensitive information in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

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