Transforming Life Skills Education with UNICEF LSCE Initiative

Transforming Life Skills Education with UNICEF LSCE Initiative

Customer: UNICEF


The MENA Life Skills and Citizenship Education (LSCE) Initiative, spearheaded by UNICEF, aims to revolutionize learning in the MENA region by fostering a holistic and rights-based approach to education. With a focus on empowering children and youth with essential life skills, the LSCE Initiative leverages innovative digital learning solutions to maximize learning outcomes and drive social and economic development.

Core life skills
Project Info
  • Initiative: UNICEF LSCE Initiative
  • Scope: Digitization of LSCE Toolkit for Children Aged 6-14
  • Approach: Story-Based, Interactive, Gamified, and Animated eLearning Programs
    Recognition: Winner of the 2024 Middle East & North Africa Stevie Gold Award

In collaboration with UNICEF, Innovito embarked on a groundbreaking project to digitize the LSCE Toolkit, catering to children aged 6-14. Utilizing a story-based approach, the eLearning programs were meticulously crafted to engage learners through immersive storytelling, gamification elements, and animated characters. Each module addressed real-life situations, empowering children to develop essential life skills and navigate challenges with confidence.

  • Empowering Education: The UNICEF LSCE Initiative equipped children with a comprehensive set of twelve core life skills, encompassing cognitive, instrumental, individual, and social dimensions of learning.
  • Holistic Learning: By embracing a four-dimensional learning model, the Initiative fostered holistic skill development from an early age, laying the foundation for lifelong learning and responsible citizenship.
  • Recognition: The LSCE Initiative’s innovative approach earned accolades, including the prestigious 2024 Middle East & North Africa Stevie Gold Award, highlighting its impact and effectiveness in transforming education in the region.

Innovito is proud to partner with UNICEF in revolutionizing life skills education through the LSCE Initiative. By harnessing the power of digital learning, we are driving positive change and empowering children to realize their full potential as engaged learners and active global citizens.

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