Transforming “The Code” into an Interactive Learning Experience

Transforming “The Code” into an Interactive Learning Experience

Customer: Magrabi Group


For over 90 years, MAGRABi has been a pioneer in eyewear innovation, blending avant-garde style with state-of-the-art eye care across 5 countries. With a portfolio of over 150 stores, MAGRABi is the Middle East’s premier fashion eyewear and medical eye care specialist. As a leader in the industry, MAGRABi sought to elevate their code of conduct program, “The Code,” into an interactive and engaging learning experience to reach over 1000 employees in 4 countries.

Project Info
  • Platform Used: Evolve Learning Experience Platform
  • Services Provided: Custom Content Development
  • Scope: Deployment to 1000+ Learners across 6+ Cities
    Multilingual Support: Content available in multiple languages

To meet MAGRABi’s objectives, Innovito implemented its flagship learning platform, Evolve, along with custom content development services. Leveraging Innovito Convert, MAGRABi’s code of conduct program was transformed into interactive digital content, enhancing engagement and comprehension among employees. The solution was deployed seamlessly across multiple locations and languages, ensuring accessibility and effectiveness for all learners.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Interactive learning modules captivated employees, driving higher engagement and retention of key principles outlined in “The Code.”
  • Scalability: With Evolve’s robust features and Innovito Convert’s flexibility, MAGRABi successfully deployed the program to over 1000 employees across diverse locations.
  • Measurable Impact: Through built-in analytics and reporting capabilities, MAGRABi gained valuable insights into employee participation and comprehension, enabling continuous improvement of the program.

Innovito’s partnership with MAGRABi exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative learning solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. By transforming “The Code” into an interactive learning experience, MAGRABi has empowered its workforce with essential knowledge while reinforcing its commitment to excellence in eyewear and eye care.

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