Trapologist At Work®
A groundbreaking, research-based workshop.
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David M.R. Covey is a world-renowned expert in Leadership Development.


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Course Outline

“A Trapologist is a person who detects and avoids the 7 workplace traps and helps others do the same.”

The Big Idea: Most of our setbacks in the workplace are caused by time-consuming traps we didn’t know how to spot. This highly effective workshop guides participants to move quicker toward achieving their goals, trap free. Trapologist at Work™ is a GPS designed to accelerate success in any challenging environments.

The Trapologist Process – a framework for outsmarting the 7 workplace traps.

  • Recognize – learning how the trap seduces you, limits your abilities, and keeps you stuck.
    Quantify – determining how long the traps last, how severe they are, how often you fall into them, and in what environments you are most vulnerable.
    Identify the conventional approach – what is the popular, generic, and accepted yet ineffective solution?
    Discover the epiphany breakthrough – what innovative strategies will accelerate my success?
    Take Action – establish your priorities. Create a plan and implement it.
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Organizational Benefits of Trapologist at Work

Individuals, teams, and organizations who have experienced the workshop report:

  • Increased focus and productivity – as employees focus on what matters most, take greater initiatives, and actively learn from past mistakes, they become truly exceptional.
  • A collaborative work culture – the workforce learns how to deal with colleague frustrations in positive ways, leading to improved teamwork and greater engagement.
  • A meaningful employer-employee relationship – as everyone understands where they fit in and feel valued, everybody can now fully contribute to the organizational goals
Learner Experience

  • Virtual Training Available
  • Self-paced training available
  • Blended learning program available
  • Training days: 1-2 days
  • Arabic/English
  • Certificate from David Covey.
  • Guidebook, and files included
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