Introducing Evolve
The future of LMS
Personalized social learning
Companies Packages Starting 1000$ per Year
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Innovative Learning Experience Platform

Empower your employees

Evolve is a learning experience platform for enterprises, that is built around the employee experience and engagement, through a flexible and user friendly interface.

Providing gamification and social learning features to encourage the learner to engage more and increases the completion rates and knowledge sharing and interaction.

The traditional Learning management system market is shifting towards the LXP which user-driver and learner centric.

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Learner Centric
Social Learning



Badges, points and leaderboards

Graphics Design

Newsfeed, social profiles, sharing, followers, live chat

Advanced Reports

Learner journey, anlaytics and custom reports

White Labeled

Quick Deployment with Your organizations branding and logo

Multilevel content

Courses, lessons, videos, images, files, SCORM, 3rd part libraries, surveys, assigments, quizzes and Learning paths

Social Learning

Learning paths

Social Following



Live chat

Live chat



Content curation & Sharing

Content curation & Sharing
Encourage learning in the workplace
Unlimited power and customization possibilities

You can help customers in real-time across all of your channels from email, social, website, iOS, and Android apps.

  • Newsfeed
  • Share content with your team
  • Live Chat between employees Optional Functionality
  • Like, Share and post content

Create and join social groups

Bundled with our library of high quality learning videos in Arabic
Pixel perfect design and clear code delivered to you

400+ high quality videos in different types like On-camera, animated, infographic videos covering topics like soft skills and personal skills development and business and computer skills.

Consumer-grade UX

An interface built around the learner


Using the power of familiarity in design


White Labeled




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