Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Corporate eLearning

Machine learning is all around you. From your ATM bank machine, your Keurig coffee dispenser or your corporate board room you will see examples of machine learning and artificial intelligence integrated throughout your work day.

The field of robotics plays an important role in corporate eLearning as well. For example, in nursing training programs, robots are used to simulate real life situations that nurses face everyday. Video tools are also used as part of their eLearning programs. Truly innovative!

When a company uses an online training program for their employees, machine learning and AI is infused throughout the technology used as part of this. When a training program is complete, there are computer algorithms which are used to assess employees’ progress and evaluate the outcome of quizzes or tests.

Have you every participated in a corporate meeting from home or while travelling? This will involve machine learning and AI too. When you take a conference call using voice over IP (VOIP) technology those software programs use algorithms to make sure that the call goes smoothly and that the connection is not lost during an important meeting.

When things go awry during a business meeting, machine learning and AI is usually the culprit. When a company’s network is hacked, it is usually because spyware or malware bots are being used. This malicious software can really do some damage when left unattended. That is what machine learning is all about: teaching the machines and computers to respond in such a way as to fix the problem.

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