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The L&D Show revolves around the learning and development industry in terms of how Middle East companies can leverage it. It also discusses how they measure their success and how they empower their employees.
the l&D show
⚡️ About our Guest

Nermine Faltas occupies the position of Group Chief HR & Organization Development Officer at Orascom Development Egypt SAE. In her past career Ms. Faltas was Vice President-Operations & Human Capital at A 15, Group Chief HR & Organization Development Officer at Orascom Development Holding AG and Project Manager at LINKdotNET. Nermine Faltas received an undergraduate degree from The American University in Cairo.

💡🚀 In this Episode of the L&D show our Guest, Nermine Faltas shared her insights about leadership, and how can you be a good manager and a role model for your team.


⚡️ About our Guest

Nicky J Davies MSc., FInstLM – CEO WAVA Global Nicky has been developing inspired leaders in organizations around the world for more than 16 years. She fundamentally believes that focusing on people’s strengths and their high priority values will unlock their true leadership potential and this, incidentally, is also how you get the best out of those you manage and lead.

With a background in psychology and transformation, Nicky has supported organizations and their people through transformation and transitions. Nothing is as constant as change. Knowing how to work with the opportunities as well as the challenges change presents is the key to thriving, not just surviving.

💡🚀 In this Episode of the L&D show our Guest, Nicky J Davies shared her insights about Coaching, Middle manager’s challenges, Leadership Evolved, The Inclusive Leader and Change management. You can rich Nicky via LinkedIn or email:

⚡️ About our Guest

Perihan El Gohary is the Founder and CEO of ZCircles and has extensive experience working on digital transformation and human capital development in multiple leading companies.

💡🚀 In this Episode of the L&D show our guest, Perihan el Gohary sharing her insights on the importance of digital transformation and people development.

⚡️ About our Guest

First time managers face various challenges when they hold the position. Sometimes it’s their team, upper management or even their own expectations.

💡🚀 In this episode of the L&D show by Innovito our guest Mina Latif Fares will talk about how first time managers survive, the challenges they face, and how to avoid them.

Mina Latif Fares is the Learning and Development Manager at 360 Imaging. Mina has been in the training field for over 15 years. Along with his training expertise, Mina was also able to integrate human psychology into his training for deeper trainee analysis.