Understanding How E-Learning Re-Maps Corporate Training

Corporations seeking to execute e-learning programs for their employees have two options: use a generic template or use one that uses custom content, tailored to their goals.

Generational gear

With more millennials entering the job market, those companies that choose the former may think they’re helping their bottom line, but they also may see challenges in information retention among their employees, according to Mike Farmer, founder of Innova Learning, which creates custom e-learning systems for corporations in various industries.

“A lot of times people don’t realize that companies like ours are out there and can build stuff like that at a reasonable price,” Farmer says. “We build our courses in a certain way people can’t play on their smartphone and take our course. We know how to make them pay attention.”

Hands on

“Companies that design custom-made e-learning systems can better engage with employees with interactive questions, storytelling with animated characters and exercises that involve mixing and matching or dragging and dropping,” says Eleni Dimitriou, lead artist at Innova Learning.

“We have the ability to be as engaging and creative as the client wants us to be.”

“[Generic templates] look the same every time, and that means the people who are getting the training are sometimes not challenged enough—and they’re bored,” Dimitriou says. “It can definitely make learning a hard process for a company if they only use that approach.”

The design of an e-learning system all depends on what the client wants—be it safety, privacy or general rules—maintains Farmer. And while designing the final product can take upwards of three months, including review time for the client, the ultimate results can be difficult to dispute.


Farmer, whose company has branched out from financial services companies since its founding in 2011, referred to a law firm that has requested four additional courses after seeing success with a single course. The 200,000-plus-employee company has now referred Innova Learning to multiple other divisions.

“We have the ability to be as engaging and creative as the client wants us to be,” Farmer explains. “Nothing is worse than boring learning.”


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