Attracting New Talents is Absolutely Important but Upskilling Increases ROI

According to Learning and development (L&D) professional, lately, many organizations have begun to focus on their L&D strategies and employees’ upskilling and reskilling especially after the pandemic, as it is more efficient.

In LinkedIn Learning Workplace Learning Report 2022, almost all L&D leaders agree that L&D has grown more influential over the past year. As 74% of L&D leaders agree that learning and development has become more multidisciplinary, while 72% of them agree that it has become a vital part of their strategic plan.

When it comes to organizations, 44% of European and Middle Eastern organizations primarily focus on upskilling and reskilling their employees while 33% focus on digital transformation. In this blog we will discuss four core points that may help increase your organization’s ROI.

Higher Employee Retention

In a recent study by Willis Towers Watson, 70% of “high-retention-risk” employees want to quit their jobs because they see no future in it. So upskilling is a great way to express how you value your employees and care about their career progression.

Save Time, Money & Effort

Look for talents internally before you post that vacant position and consider mobility first by upskilling or reskilling your current employees. This is a smart move compared to external hiring since you won’t only save time and money you will also hire someone you know and trust.

Attracts New Talent

When companies invest in their current employees’ talents and care about their career progression through upskilling and reskilling their talents, employees feel valued. Hence, they are more likely to recommend you to their network – family, friends and ex colleagues- which will give a wide pool of extraordinary talents to choose from when it’s time to expand your team.

Build Loyalty & Trust

Employees who have an opportunity to grow are more loyal and trustworthy than others. Continuous learning and upskilling and reskilling opportunities encourage employees’ happiness, satisfaction, and motivation in their roles.


A constructive work environment will help your organization grow, and the first step to building one is to offer growing learning opportunities for your employees through digital transformation. Digital transformation is the key to increasing ROI.

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